Pretty Lies/Dirty Truths
BC Space, Laguna Beach

Opening reception on
Sunday February 9 from 2-6 PM

Behind the steel door at 235 Forest Avenue,
downtown Laguna Beach, California

Info at 949-497-1880;
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"Pretty Lies/Dirty Truths" presents artists whose work addresses the hypocrisy that appears to be systemic in the ranks of our political, spiritual, and economic leadership. At a unique time in the history of our world, when the United States is the unchallenged superpower with an extraordinary opportunity to use that position for the common good of man and the planet, our leaders are preparing to squander our resources on the most brutal and least inspired of human activities…WAR.

Pretty Lies/Dirty Truths offers unflinching views and alternative perspectives of over four-score artists who believe that underneath the current patriotic rhetoric lurk that same old motives driven by ignorance, arrogance, and greed. These artists all embrace the proposition that it is time to promote a better vision for the world. We further challenge that if any of the dirty truths presented in this exhibit are found to be untrue that we will offer a public apology and withdraw them from the show.

The exhibit may be seen at BC Space Gallery behind the steel door at 235 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. There will be an opening reception on Sunday February 9 from 2-6 PM. No ending date has as yet been determined, but the show will run as long as necessary and is expected to continue to change and evolve as more artists speak out. This exhibit is free to the public with routine gallery hours from 1-5:30 PM Tuesdays thru Fridays, with other days and hours easily arranged by calling the gallery at 949-497-1880 or email at You may also preview the show or comment to us at

from an email by Kat Skraba:

I'm showing some new sculpture/installation this weekend: 'The Miseries of War, the Relics of War' points to the real physical result of war, the vaporization of the body, and the hypocrisy of our current and somehow medieval dilemma of the Crusade against evildoers. There is an ongoing lie in the global colonialist power struggle, the truly un- Christ-like Christian practice of warfare, of a war to end war, of pre- emptive strike, of murdering to end murder, of our dictator ending another dictatorship, of the concept of needing death for eternal life, of fighting war in the name of god for the reason of control of land, oil, access, planet. Sound familiar? It is, and it is ancient. My work is meant to encourage questioning: questioning the direction of our human evolution, considering what is true intelligence in regards to humanism, addressing our willingness to share the planet, and begs to throw out old ideas that haven't fallen yet, relic ideas - outmoded custom and practices.

These pieces are medical and military stretchers for physical and spiritual bodies. They are drawings of smoky graphite gun powdered ghostly bodies, of a male, female, youth, and small child of an undetermined race. They mimic the burial shroud of Turin, a farce and false relic of Christ's face, and suggest the hypocrisy of Christianity. These drawings suggest the shadows of Pompeii, Hiroshima, and the delirious religious ecstasy for the apocalyptic escape into a paradise (of death ?!). They allude to the sense of saintliness for those tortured - a deeply holy and hallow concept. If the myth of Christ has any truth, aren't we to understand that the presence of Christ, the sacred, or the holy is supposed to exist within all human lives, including perceived enemies?

Less overtly I'm interested in critiquing the gender archetypes that propagate war: the sacrificial lamb militant, the Purple Hearted/Bleeding Hearted who will die for his country, the woman/mother/sister who surrenders their mates and sons and men of their community in exchange for the crown of martyrdom, the (there will always be) poor and the dilemma of the economic draft that forces working poor into the military in exchange for an ever dwindling list of benefits, and literally as the child or youth as an innocent victim or war, but more deeply and symbolically should be understood as the innocent/ignorant blindly following authority. Are any of theses archetypes within us that support the continuance of warfare at a personal or communal level?
Kat Skraba


Pretty Lies/Dirty Truths

Joel Andreas
Addicted to War; magazine

Roger Armstrong
Soul of George W & Lovers of War; oil paintings

Mariona Barkus
Books and assemblage

Deborah Dague Barr
Veils of Light & Six Cents; oil paintings

Glenn Brooks
Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition; wood block print

Nancy Buchanan
Enduring Collateral Damage; video on Agent Orange & Depleted Uranium

Jerry Burchfield
Fix the Blame & The Truth is the First Casualty; mixed media assemblages

Jonathan Burke
Arcane Knowledge; oil painting

Austin Chamberlain
Star Wars Pilot & Daily Show; Taco Bell cup & video collage

Mark Chamberlain
Private Property; mixed media sculpture

Paul Darrow
Make Your Own Caption; collage

Frank Dixon
Glittering Generalities; assemblage watercolor & acrylic on wood

Jorg Dubin
Dream Warriors' Manifesto; oil painting with shotgun shells

Jeff Gates
Book and factoids

Jacques Garnier
Forgotten Collateral Damage; Ilfochrome photograph

Lucy Hagopian
Enlightenment; acrylic on tara cloth painting

Ed Heckerman
Common Sense; photographic dyptic

Cassandra Hill Reality Check; oil painting, collage & poem

Dennis Johnson
WWII Billboards; photographs

Rob Johnson
Guns or Butter; quiz & factoids

Mark Johnstone
Political Advertising; video

George Katzenberg
Aerial Weaponry; photographs

David Kelly
Videos and factoids

Charlie Krafft
Hand Guns & Hand Grenades; porcelain sculptures

Lynn Kubasek
Flags; mixed media fabric assemblages

Thinh Le
Web presence

James Lerager
Nuclear Truths; photographs & text

Megan Marsee
Colt Peacemakers; photos with text on stainless steel

Daniel Martinez
Poor and Working Class; sculpture jar with oil, soldiers, text

Douglas McCulloh
Lighter Than Air; assembled photograph and text on all recorded wars

Tony Paradiso & Darryl Loyer
Pretty Lies/ Dirty Truths; text, oil painting, and book

Khyber Pass
Afghan History Lesson; traditional woven rugs of recent history courtesy Sadik Tawfiq

Pat Whiteside Phillips
We The People; watercolor and poem

Sheila Pinkel
Made in the USA; prison flags photograph

Linda Rae
Sticks to Guns; assemblage: eucalyptus wood, beeswax, and yucca leaves

Caroline Reynolds
Depleted Uranium; bees wax painting

Juanita Richeson
Flag postcards

Kat Skraba
Stretchers, canvas, wood, and graphite

Clayton Spada
photograph & text

Pat Sparkuhl
Cradle & Golden Mean; mixed media sculptures

Glenn Stern
Musical arrangements

Patricia Turnier
Afghan History; hand woven traditional rug

Christina Ulke & Nicole Cousino
After Goya, Disasters of War; photo transparency

Rudy Vega
Pretty Lies; photo field with pretty words

Michael Weschler
Courtesy Laughs; 20" x 24" Polaroids

AJ Witherall
Shotgun Savvy; 12 gauge shotgun & magnifying glass

Andy Wing
Super Warehouse & A Flag for All; painting & collage

This is only a partial list of the participants in this show. Since this exhibition has not established an ending date, we expect to add to the show until, hopefully, the rational voices of the people drown out those who are choosing war and destruction over reason and more positive solutions.